Custom Vip Design

In this journey of success, in which we set ourselves the biggest goal of turning your dream design into a reality, we design your vehicles with great precision, using the highest quality equipment by the same expert staff, in accordance with your likes and requests. On the basis of comfort and luxury, the interior of the car is redesigned based on your preferred color, model and equipment. Designed with the most special materials for a comfortable journey, the movable, heating, cooling and massage seats reflect aesthetics and luxury with the original imported leather cover. All the technology in your car through the touch screen is at your fingertips.  Your unmatched custom vehicle, which we have designed together, can turn a cold winter morning into a warm journey while sipping hot coffee prepared with your coffee machine. Or, after a tiring day of work, you can stretch your feet and relax with a glass of drink that you have prepared in your mini-bar. 

Complementing the quality with luxury and technology, our design features include gradual ambient lighting, electric tables, Alcantara fabric, genuine wooden bases and coatings, heat and sound insulation, refrigerator, in-car sound system and smart television.
We provide your comfort with the latest technology