About us

As a Oncu Automotive Vip Dizayn, we have been operating in the field of automotive interior design since 2014. Our workshop, which produces on an area of 1,500 m2, has been the address of those looking for quality, reliable and innovative service with its professional staff with a minimum of 15 years of experience in its field.

Along with various vehicle designs made by our company, we offer interior and exterior design services to our customers in the highest quality and in the most complete way according to your tastes and preferences.

In addition to Vip design, we also offer our services such as design of project-based vehicles, maintenance, repairing, modification and part replacement of designed vehicles with the same daintiness and quality.

Embracing reliable after-sales service, Oncu Automotive Vip Dizayn has gained customer satisfaction and trust by taking all the projects it has done within the scope of warranty.


  • Our vision is to meet customer expectations at the highest level with a reliable, high-quality and innovative service approach.

  • And to provide customer satisfaction and trust in our sales and after-sales services with a variety of products suitable for every budget.

  • Moreover, to be a company that creates value for our employees, customers and industry.


  • Our mission is to be a leading company in Turkey and in the world by increasing our quality every day with developing technologies and innovations.

  • And to always keep customer satisfaction at the highest level without making no concessions on quality in our products and services.

Our Company Values,

  • Being reliable; We respond to our customers' needs by staying close to them. We share our decisions with transparency.

  • Being a Sector Pioneer; We respond to the needs in advance by creating needs in the sector. We take our strength from our creativity and innovation.

  • Dynamic staff; We always maintain our dynamic structure with young and expert staff and work with excitement.

  • Being measurable; We adopt the principle of transparency and ensure that our work is reportable.

  • Quality; We work by adopting the understanding of quality in both management and production staff, and we keep customer satisfaction at the top.

Our Quality Policy,

  • To ensure the continuity of company performance at every stage of management and manufacturing processes with the participation of employees,

  • That nonconformities in the system will be reviewed by the management on a planned basis and necessary corrections will be made,

  • A healthy and safe working environment will be provided for people working on behalf of the organization,

  • Closely follow technological developments and work to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level,

  • Being aware of its responsibilities towards society and the environment, it determines sustainable development as a way of life,

  • Works in mutual cooperation and trust with suppliers,

  • It provides the necessary environment to ensure that employees, who are the building blocks of our company's culture, are highly motivated, participatory, sharing, creative and self-renewing team members,

  • It undertakes to work in accordance with the quality management system documentation, to control its effectiveness through internal audits and to continuously improve it.